Marketing Methods and Tips

Real Estate marketing methods

Our G3 Property Partners believe employing strong marketing techniques is just smart business, regardless. In seller's markets, good marketing can bring higher prices and, in buyer's markets, it could mean the difference between sold or expired. Good marketing might not sell a property instantly, however it will make the phone ring. Because if buyers don't call, you won't sell.

1. Print Advertising and internet:

Print advertising reaches buyers who read newspapers. Online ads, signboards and flyers reach the rest. If neighbours are saying, "Everywhere I look, I'm seeing the proeprty advertised," thehn you're on the right track.

  • Local newspapers. Find out which ad size pulls the most readers for each style of property. Typically for residential properties it's Saturday but some newspapers have associate magazines or community newspapers who also publish on other days.
  • Major newspapers and strategic placements such as the financial review would suit high end, Prestige Properties and commercial properties.
  • Real estate publications
  • Every Web site you can find. Most online listings are free.

2. Open Houses

Not every home is suitable for a scheduled open house due to location or other factors, and sometimes the only way to determine that is to try it. If nobody comes, that's probably a good indication. However, if a proeprty is located near a high traffic area where buyers often swarm, then it's a good candidate.

  • Place open for inspection signs throughout the area directing buyers.
  • Advertise in the newspaper.
  • Advertise open house times online.
  • Invite the neighbours; they're going to come anyway

3. Property styling:

Homes that have been styled solely for the purpose of selling stand out against comparable properties, have a wider buyer appeal, and look impressive on real estate websites and in photo presentations which makes potential buyers want to investigate further.

4. Online Property Videos

These aren't just to showcase million-dollar homes anymore. Every home should have a property video, even if it's only 30 seconds, this can be sent to international investors from places such as Dubai, Russia, China, South Africa or America, as well as our national websites. Buyers love a high quality video from a reputable production company, they are cheap and reach a wide audience!

5. Professional  Photography

Why? Because you are not just selling bricks and  mortar– you are selling the Australian Dream –Nothing sells this dream like a photo. When people look at the property photos in a listing, they imagine themselves living in that space. Are potential buyers more likely to imagine themselves in the house that an agent has snapped on his 2 megapixel camera phone, which captures none of the homes character or individuality, or the bright clear images taken by a professional that showcase the home’s warmth and features, inviting them to come for a closer look? Give the property the best chance of getting a second look by using a professional photographer.

6. Signage

Signage encourages shoppers to immediately call the number of the signboard. A signboard says to the public ...HEY, I’M FOR SALE!!!

7. Private Treaty Versus Auction

Both methods have been used by almost all real estate agents as the most common ways to sell a property

Private treaty

Private Treaty is when you set the price at which your house will be sold to the public.

• A cheap way to test the market

• Vendors must establish an asking price

• The property is sold through the negotiation around that asking price

• Time to consider offers by potential purchasers

• The ability to extend the time for which your home is for sale

• A very popular way to sell

• Can often take a longer time to sell your home compared to an auction


Auction is when prospective buyers come together to bid on a property with the highest bidder buying the property (subject to the reserve price being met)

  • A more public way of selling a property
  • Competitive bidding, which means there is no price barrier. This makes an auction especially good for unusual or desirable properties, which are difficult to put a price on
  • A definite sale is made (assuming the reserve price is reached)
  • Controlled open house inspections
  • Removes the risk of underselling
  • A chance to receive a cash, unconditional, offer with a 30 day settlement
  • Maximum exposure for maximum market impact
  • Statistically less days on market (according to the REIQ)
  • A set date of sale encourages potential buyers to act quickly
  • Identifies most likely buyer to negotiate with, if not sold on fall of the hammer
  • Provides 3 key opportunities for buyers to present offers: prior to the Auction, Auction day, or conditionally post auction (if not sold on the day)

Happy selling!


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